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RPG Dice Sets

The Dice Emporium has a massive selection of RPG dice sets in stock. These dice are stocked in a wide variety of colors and shapes. 7 Die Sets each contain a 4 sided (d4), 6-sided w/numbers (d6), 8 sided (d8), 10 sided (d10 numbered 0-9), Tens 10 (10-sided numbered 00-90), 12 sided (d12) and 20 sided (d20) die.

In addition to role playing dice sets, we also stock a wide variety of dice that are sold individually. Our dice are popular among various roleplayers, from games such as Dungeons & Dragons (d&d), Vampire the Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu, Magic the Gathering, and many other RPG games.

If you are looking for additional RPG dice, d&d dice or a new d&d dice set, we hope that our large selection will let you find exactly what you are looking for. All orders over $20 Ship Free and we take pride in our fast and efficient service.

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