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Animal/Novelty Set of 53 Dice


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This set includes 1 each of the following: Alligator, Bat, Dog, Light Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Cat, Black Cow, Brown Cow, Crab, Dinosaur, Yellow Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Bison, Eagle, Elk, Grey Elephant, Pink Elephant, Fish, White Flamingo, Black Flamingo, Frog, Hedgehog, Black Horse, Brown Horse, Ladybug, Red Lobster, Purple Lobster, Loon, Moose, Black Owl, Brown Owl, Grey Owl, Orca, Panda, Pig, Raven, Skunk, Scarab Beetle, Seagull, Santa, Scorpion, Teddy Bear, Turtle, Species, Penguin, Purple Unicorn, White Unicorn, Black Unicorn, Wolf, Woodland Animals, Red Alien, Black Alien

16mm in size – Free Shipping

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