HD Alpha Sampler - 114 7 Die Sets

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This sampler contains one each of the following 7 die sets:

Nebula Purple, Blue (purplish)Green Yellow Layer, Yellow Orange Blend Glow in the Dark, Rose Red Yellow Green Layer, Purple Jade, Deep Blue Translucent Glitter, Light Purple Translucent Glitter, Green Translucent Glitter, Nebula Blue, Nebula Green, Nebula Black, Violet Storm, Blue Iridescent, Tectonic Break, Orange Translucent Glitter, Lime Blue Translucent Glitter, Thousand Stars, Bloody Mary, Array of Stars, Magenta Gems, Sun Gems, Purple Whirlwind, Strawberry Creme, Miami Vice, Green Flow, Apple Taffy, Berry Crem, Rainbow Dash, Christmas Tree, Metamorphosis, Fey Bloom, Pomegranate Blossom, Jadiete Cabbage, Spring Awakening, Stratosphere, Savannah Sunrise, Vampire, King Cake, Luminous Venom, Dragon’s Breath, Cherry Blossom, Luminous Ruby, Ro Chrome, Ultra Helio, Winter Walker, Jester’s Gambit, Luminous Shade, Onyxstone, Violet Evergreen, Silver Ancient, Ceremonial Chrome, Morning Glory, Mardi Gras, Transparent Glitter Rainbow, Metallic Ruby, Scorpio, Blue Porcelain, Ume Onigiri, Cloudy Passion, Universe, Purple Smoke, Chess Player, Solar Wind, Bloody Jade, First Love, River at Dusk, Lake Bed, Make A Wish, Glow in the Dark Blue, Blue Bright Purple Blend, Blue Aurora, Yellow Aurora, Rose Red Yellow Green Pearl Swirl, Burning Cloud, Green Purple Pearl Swirl, Kiwi Fruit, Silver Orange Blend, Sky Blue Blend, Yellow Rose Red Blend, Red Black Blend, Purple Green Red Font, Green Purple Blend, Opaque White Black Blend, Green Black Blend, Light Blue White Blend, Silver Blue Blend,  Dark Red Blue Blend, Green Yellow Blend, Silver Purple Blend, Red & Green Galaxy, Green Gradients, White Red Font Jade, Green Jade, Blue Deep Purple Blend, Transparent Blue Gradient, Dark Blue & Gold Blend, Blue and Black Blend, Blueink, Pompadour, Windsor Castle, Pine Ancient, Cerulean Ancient, Peacock Ancient, Green Ancient, Lavender Ancient, Frozen Heart, Purple Sky, Pear Ancient, Gold Ancient, The Joker, Winter Waltz, Copper Ancient, Cyberspace

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